Headless. Serverless. Decoupled. These are some of the buzzwords you might have heard being thrown around. But what do they mean and why should you care? In the ever-evolving web technology performance is becoming more and more important. Simply put, having a front-end separate from the back-end provides better security, performance, scalability, and developer experience. Although the initial development cost might be higher, in the long run you will see a better return on your investment.

WooNuxt combines the familiarity of WordPress with the performance of Vue by leveraging the modern JAMstack approach. That means building as many elements as possible during the build. As a result, fewer server requests are needed to be made, meaning better performance and faster load times. Tap into the amazing ecosystem of Vue components and libraries to deliver a truly modern and beautiful user experience.

1. Store data

Everything you know and love about WooCommerce stays the same. If you have a current shop or setting up a new one all you need to do is install and activate the following plugins. WPGraphQL, WooGraphQL and WPGraphQL CORS

2. Build

Powered by Nuxt, WooNuxt connects to your WooCommerce store using WPGraphQL and outputs a highly optimized frontend. With code splitting, lazy loading and link prefetching out of the box. Lighthouse will love it!

3. Deploy

Deploy your entire site to a CDN and forget about it. Static site scale well, are blazingly fast, cheap, secure and accessible to the world. WooNuxt can be deployed to any static web hosting.

Freqently Asked Questions

Where can it be hosted?

Because WooNuxt is a JAMstack application, it can be hosted anywhere. You can host it on your own server, or you can deploy it to a static web hosting provider. You can also deploy it to a CDN.

Can it be installed as a PWA?

Yes, it is fully ready to be installed as a PWA. However, the login mutation needs the front and back end to be on the same domain for the cross-origin request to work.

Is it optimized for SEO?

Not yet. But it will be soon with Yoast SEO.

What payment gateways are available?

Stripe is the only payment gateway available at this time. PayPal is coming soon.

Does it have a default WordPress theme?

I'm working on a basic theme that adds some extra features to the store, like reward points and a wishlist. It will be available soon.

Does the store support multiple currencies?

Not at this time.